Audiobooks and The Decline of Book Sales

   With the advancements in technology, audiobooks have become more and more popular. Why read a book when someone can read it to you? Audiobooks have been around for a while. But they existed in something called a CD. I don’t what that is (I’m joking if you can’t tell). Audible, Overdrive, etc. have made them more accessible and pretty much anyone can purchase one with a tap of a button. Now would that actually hurt the paperbacks and hardcover or actually surpass it? 

   Book sales have been declining which is unfortunate. I read an article that stated Barnes and Noble sales were in decline for the first time in a while. Personally, I do believe book sales are in decline to the changing tastes of the newer generation. I’ve always seen audiobooks as a complement to book not as a successor. Hearing someone read the book to you is nice and allows you to finish the book while completing mundane tasks, but there is nothing that can replace the physical copy. Turning the pages as you excitedly await what happens next. The feel of holding a brand new hardcover is pretty nice. And seeing your book collection grow before your eyes is something to marvel at. Audiobooks can be great. For example; the Illuminae series is extremely well done and I highly recommend it even if you have read the book. The full cast did a phenomenal job and the added sound effects really immersed me in the novel. It made me feel like I was listening to a movie. It’s unfortunate that book sales have fallen. The newer generation seems to want more accessible and easier things. The rise of podcasts and Youtube have helped shaped this culture. I barely know anyone who sits down and reads a good book for an hour or two. More than half the time, people are staring at a screen (It’s ok if you’re staring because you are reading my blog though. I won’t be mad). Pretty soon reading a physical copy of a book will become a thing of the past and that really, really sucks. Audiobooks are great, but they will never replace the feeling of reading a physical book.

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2 thoughts on “Audiobooks and The Decline of Book Sales

  1. I suspect books will go on for ever – they used to say way back when I was young that TV would kill reading, then that computers would, then e-books… I reckon us readers will go on reading books whatever new technology they throw at us! 😉 I do like audiobooks though, but like you, to go with the real thing rather than to replace it.

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    1. I agree. I do think they will be around forever. Maybe not as popular, but they will stay. Also, yes on the audiobooks. It can really immerse you if done correctly, but it should never surpass the actual book.

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