New Ratings System for Reviews

Ratings systems have been around for years. For some of us, it’s how we judge how good an item is. Many reviewers use it including me. There are many different types of systems, but most use a 10 point or 5 star system. In my opinion, a 10 point system is the less accurate between the 5 star and 10 point. Is there really a big difference between a 6 and a 7? More often than not, no. Sometimes I might find more enjoyment in a game rated 6 than a game rated 10 like Yakuza Dead Souls. It received mixed reviews, but I enjoyed the hell out of that game. I loved its over the top plot and fun gameplay. So does a rating actually mean an item is good? Of course not. Take books for example. Maybe 100 people rated a book 5 stars, but there will always be someone who will rate it lower. Of course, there is always the possibility the reviews are fake which will lead to an inflated score. But ratings should be used as a gauge, not as the final say. You should always go out and see the item, play the game, read the book, etc. 

   So, I actually wanted to take some timr to create my own rating system for future reviews. It’s something kinda new, but I hope it works for the better. If not, I will switch it out for a more traditional one. As I said before, look to my ratings as more of a guide than the final verdict.

Must Buy: Pretty simple explanation. An amazing book that you should read.

Wait for a sale:  Still a good book,but not worth it at full price. Maybe wait for a sale or find it a different store at a lower price.

Check it out a library: Still a solid book and worth your time, but don’t buy it. Just read it and maybe buy it a few years later.

Check it out if you like the genre/author/series: Only read it if you like the genre, author, or series. Other than that stay away.

The Twilight Zone(Please no copy right):  Don’t bother reading this book. Just chuck it into the twilight zone and never look back.


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