Mojo’s Must Reads: Born A Crime by Trevor Noah

   I am normally not a fan of memoirs, but I decided to give this book a shot as there was a promo code for a free audiobook of it. And I am so glad I did. This is a fantastic book filled with humor and unique experiences. This is one of the few times where I recommend the audiobook version over the physical copy. Trevor Noah’s narration elevated this book to another level. This book genuinely surprised me and I loved it!

   The book has Noah recounting his childhood growing up in apartheid. The book really showed how life was in apartheid. Apartheid was something my history class barely touched on. I recall a brief video in World Geography and that was it. I would have never known how hard it was to live during this time and for Noah, it was harder. Being a person of white and black ethnicity, it was hard for him to fit in, something all of us can relate to. Each story he tells is filled with humor and emotional moments, but they also serve to show his hardships growing up in a tough time. The book feels genuine and real, it never seems to sugarcoat the truth. Noah’s narration was beautifully done. He added voices that infused humor and some immersion to his stories. But he knew just when to take things seriously. Whether it was narrating a time when his family thought their house was cursed or visiting his white father during a time interracial relationships was not allowed, Noah brings them to life. 

   As I said earlier, I do not like memoirs, but this was an exception. Everyone should read this, even those who don’t like memoirs. It sheds light on the difficult life of growing up in apartheid while making you laugh at the same time. Trevor Noah created a fantastic book and an even better audiobook, packed with humor and emotional moments. Just read this book. 


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