Legend by Marie Lu Review


   Legend by Marie Lu focuses on two protagonists, Day and June. When June’s brother is supposedly killed by Day, she sets out to find him. The story takes place in a dystopian future where the western United States is the home of the Republic, a nation constantly at war with its neighbors.

   It is a fairly interesting premise. And the book delivers on it. While the plot was a bit predictable, I expected it as this was one of the first dystopian series to really blow up. Many have followed this series’ formula. The book has a breakneck pace  with tons of action and good character development. Day and June are well rounded protagonists who complement one another. While the first half of the book pits them on opposing sides, it allows both of them to develop into standout characters. When books pit two characters together, sometimes when one of them is not involved, the other character can really suffer from it, it’s as if how good they are depends on the two always being together. Fortunately, this does not happen here. And when they do inevitably meet, they never ever feel like they depend on one another. Lu takes the time to develop them into distinct characters, so when they do meet they can each stand on their own without needing the other character to be considered good. They both have motivations that are relatable and by the end of the book, you genuinely care for both. It is a bit refreshing to see both sides of the law. Lu slowly creates an interesting world that makes you want to learn more about it. It is carefully crafted and it pays off. While Lu’s writing is nothing revolutionary, she has a tight and fluid style that keeps you hooked and focused. 

   Legend does nothing new, although I believe that is due to it being one of the first true YA hits. Many have followed its formula. The premise is fairly interesting and is executed extremely well. Day and June are good protagonists that you can get behind and there is a ton of action. Its breakneck pace keeps wanting you to read more and more. Honestly, at this point, there is not much I can say that has not already been said. Overall, Legend is a great and entertaining book thay every YA fan should read.

Rating: A Must Buy – at this point, the book is fairly cheap and every YA fan should read it.


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