Apocalypse All The Time By David Atkinson Review

I was voluntarily given a free audiobook by the author.

Apocalypse All the Time was a very funny, charming, and satirical book. Marshall just wants the apocalyse to end, but it constantly happens on a weekly basis with it ending to an anticlimactic climax of being solved all the time. As a result, the perilous becomes a boring and mundane routine.

Going into the book, I thought it would be a typical apocalypse book. But I was extremely wrong. It flips all of the Apocalypse tropes and pokes fun at it. Marshall is a likeable character and you get why he feels even though I would constantly be afraid in his situation. I mean constant possible death is quite scary. Bonnie proved to be a nice conplementary character to Marshall. She, like Marshall, is sick of the apocalyse. Once they get together, the adventure truly starts. The narrator was perfect, capturing Marshall and his boredness with the apocalyse as well as Bonnie’s. The book just has this charm and quirkiness to it that I have rarely seen in books.

I will say the only real problen I had with the book was the huge exposition at the beginning of book. It did pick up after the long exposition, but it still slowed the pace down more than I liked. Although I did understand as to why Atkinson did that. The book essentially changes the history of the world beginning to when time was still BC. As the book goes on, each apocalypse gets crazier and crazier, yet Atkinson tethers a bit of it to reality. It never feels too ridiculous, just controlled.

In conclusion, Apocalypse All the Time was surprisingly funny and satirical book. The main character was likeable and understandable and the narrator was perfect. It was a funny and entertaining book with a unique charm to it.

Rating: A Must Buy (Especially for Apocalypse lovers).


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