March Wrap Up

I ended up reading over 5 books which is always my goal per month. Although I was not able to read all 5 from the March TBR as some books came available in my library that I had to read.

Total Books Read: 8

March TBR Completion: 3/5- Still yet to read The Kite Runner  and took a break from Tell Me How Ends This Well. I found it to be a bit boring and a bit too preachy which is fine considering it’s brutal view of the future. But it might just not be for me. Still I will continue reading.

Here are some of the books I read and my short opinion on them:

Carmer and Grit was a fantastic fantasy novel. While it does nothing new, it’s majestic world and great main characters keep it head and shoulders above traditional fantasy novels.

The Travelers was an ok book. Pavone’s slick writing style keep it from becoming an even more mediocre book that is bogged down by an extremely slow start and underdeveloped characters. Only read it if you like Pavone or the genre.

This book honestly surprised me. I found myself thoroughly entertained with the narrator’s over the top narration and solid characters. It’s like a big and stupid action movie. It’s loud, exciting, and never takes itself seriously. 

All in all, I reached my goal and read some fantastic books besides one particular book *coughs* Dead Man Rapids. 


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