The Magic Shopp by Justin Swapp Review

 “Action and adventure await you in The Magic Shop! Come and claim it in book one of the Shadow Magic series. See why fans have compared this page-turner to Harry Potter, Fablehaven, and Percy Jackson. 

Marcus Fith doesn’t believe in magic. And why should he? Marcus and his twin sister, Ellie, live in the loft above their grandparents magic shop, and he’s all too familiar with the hand buzzers, card tricks, and fake vomit kits. So, imagine his shock when he stumbles upon his grandfather hiding something in a secret room in the magic shop — the one that all the rumors are about.

Join Marcus and Ellie as they unravel a laundry list of family secrets, and are thrown into a world they never knew existed. Not only is the family business is a front, but Marcus has to develop his powers before the Dun-Bahr find him and assimilate the magic he was born to protect.

Will they survive? 

Will they find their parents? 

First Marcus and Ellie must discover the secret their grandparents have been keeping from them all these years. It all comes down to what’s hidden at the Magic Shop.”

   The Magic Shop was a fantastic and magical(get it?) adventure that is sure to thrill younger audiences and even older ones as well. 

   I had a great time following Marcus and Elle’s adventures as they uncovered a world hidden away and abilities they didn’t know they had. Marcus and Elle were likeable and charming protagonists that made some mistakes as the book progresses and I found their growth as they realized what they had just done to be well done. The supporting characters each had their own charm and quirks and the narrator in the audiobook did a great job of giving each one a unique voice. But the real star of the book is the creative world that Swapp creates. As Marcus and Elle discover the new world, you feel immersed in the world Swapp creates. While it does borrow some elements from other books, I felt that it did enough to differentiate itself from other books and also immerse you in the world. The plot does take a bit to pick up, in my opinion, but once it does it does not stop. It has a fast and frenetic pace that continues to up the ante as the book progresses. The book has some twists that keep the plot from becoming predictable and I was surprised by some of the dark secrets that awaited. 

   In conclusion, The Magic Shop was a ton of fun. The likeable protagonists, enchanting world, and twisting plot separate the book from other books of this genre.

I was given a free audiobook by the author in exchange for a review.

Rating: A Must Buy


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