The Quick Fix by Jack D. Ferraiolo Review

“In this much-anticipated sequel to The Big Splash, junior high detective Matt Stevens is back on the case, bringing us another hilarious middle school noir.

When the star of the basketball team is blackmailed, it’s up to Matt, the lone voice for justice in a morass of middle school corruption, to figure out who’s behind the scheme. Is it eighth-grade crime lord Vinny “Mr. Biggs” Biggio, who has made his name peddling forged hall passes and leading a crew of social assassins who send enemies to the Outs with a humiliating squirt-gun blast below the belt? Or is it his lieutenant and Matt’s former best friend, Kevin? Or a pair of scheming twins who sell Pixy Stix to sugar-addicted classmates? One thing’s for sure: There won’t be a quick fix for the trouble at this middle school.”

The Quick Fix is a great follow-up to The Big Splash. Ferraiolo expands on the world he had established from the first book, while further developing the characters. The plot is fairly straightforward and can be predictable, but it is still written well and entertaining.

Matthew is still a likeable character. Often sarcastic and witty, he proves to be a good detective and Ferraiolo further develops his character. His interactions with Liz were sweet and felt natural as their undefined relationship made things awkward between the pair. The new characters provided some interesting quirks, but I found them to be a bit standard. Still, they were still well-written and added some depth to the book. The other returning characters get some character development, although I wish more time was spent on them. But, again, the real star of the book is the world Ferraiolo creates. Like the first book, Franklin Middle School is similar to something of a noir setting. Although in this case, the sugar stix is essentially the drugs of this world and the twins are the drug dealers (A bit weird). Ferraiolo continued to add to an already fantastic world and added some interesting new characters as well. 

The plot was predictable and nothing new until the ending. Now, while the ending was nice and teases a third book(which looks like it won’t happen as it’s been several years since the book’s release) the events leading up to the ending got a bit confusing. Ferraiolo added a nice twist, but it seemed like he was just setting up for upcoming books and it got a bit out of hand. 

Still, The Big Splash is a great sequel and is sure to entertain. 

Rating: A Must Buy


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