The Blank Book #3 : So I saw Spider-Man: Homecoming….

And it was fantastic! It exceeded my expectations and that’s coming from someone who placed high expectations on this movie being my most anticipated movie of the year. It is absolutely the best Spider-Man movie since Spider-Man 2 and in my opinion, is on par or even better than Spider-Man 2 which I consider one of the best superhero movies of all time. This is just to get my thoughts out and talk about it. Let’s begin.

Tom Holland is a fantastic Peter Parker/Spider-Man and the best portrayal of that character I have seen. He’s funny, awkward, and when the scene calls for him to be emotional, he delivers (especially that rubble scene). He really sells that he is just a kid who happens to be bit by a radioactive spider and gets superpowers. RDJ Jr. was fantastic as being a mentor to Peter. Unlike the trailers and promotional material suggests, he is not in the movie that much, but when he is, he is great as always. Jon Favreau returns as Happy Hogan and provides some laughs and a big brother-figure as well. Onto Peter’s classmates. Jacob Batalon as Ned Leeds was hilarious. He acted the way others would if they figured out their best friend was a superhero, but I definitely could see other getting annoyed by him as it does get a bit too much. Zendaya as Michelle was good for what she was, I just wished she was in it more. Tony Revolori as Flash Thompson was a welcome change for the character. Being a rich snob instead of a jock works for this day and age as a bully, there really is no more of the big and mean meathead’s as bullies nowadays. Laura Harrier as Liz Allen was good, but the romance was standard and I felt should have been more developed. Time for the big bad, the Vulture. Michael Keaton was phenomenal easily one of the best villains in the MCU. He was intimidating, yet you understood why he did it. He is not some bad guy out for revenge, he is just trying to get by. There is a reveal later on in the movie that completely took me off guard, it was sooo good. The scene right after that was perfect, some of the best writing and acting in the entire MCU. It was the first time that I heard an entire theater gasp.

The plot was a bit simplistic, but I loved that it was not very high stakes. There’s no big light in the sky or a villain determined to kill everyone, it was very low-level stuff. Funnily enough, the worst parts of the movie are the Spider-Man parts. The action scenes were well done, but it kind of lacked the wow factor. This movie shines when it focuses on the high school part which, fortunately, was the majority of the movie. Above all, it is just so damn fun. I loved this movie and it is definitely one of the best MCU movies and my favorite movie of the year, so far. I cannot wait for the sequel and Avengers: Infinity War.


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