The Blank Book #4: The Importance of Living

I have never been into motivational or self-esteem books because I felt I have never needed them. While I am not exactly a confident person, I am definitely not someone who devalues my self-worth. I acknowledge my weaknesses, but I also acknowledge my strengths as well. I know who I am, what I can do, and what I like and I do not need a book to spell that out for me. However, I consider myself an open person and when a friend recommends me a book, I always try it out.

While I do still feel the same way about these type of books, The Importance of Living did open my eyes (in a way). I understand how these types of books could really help someone out who may need some encouragement to do something or need a new way of looking at life. This is not really a must read (and I may end up changing it to a Blank Book, edit: I did), more of a change in thinking. Too many times, we become to hesitant to try something new, something we think we may never do. We become closed off to the idea of change or scared of the unknown this idea presents. I admit there are many things that I regret on not doing. Going to school dances, asking that one girl out, etc.  And as I grow older, I cannot help but think of all the missed opportunities that have passed me by. Even if it may end up in failure or an absolute flop, why not? There is no harm in doing so. I’d rather try and fail than not try at all. I can definitely understand how change can be something scary. Change is unknown. And the idea of the unknown is something most of us are scared of which is absolutely understandable. Just like when we were kids scared of the dark, we do not know what is out there shrouded in the black.

The truth is the unknown is scary, it is something that can change our lives for the worse. But for every bad thing that happens, there may be an even better option waiting for you behind that darkness and you will never know if you remain in your bed like a kid. Life works in funny ways. The best things come when you least expect it and sometimes it seems as if your entire world is crumbling before your eyes. Sometimes you just have to hope, sometimes you have to step into that darkness and venture out into the unknown. Sometimes, taking chances leads to the door on the other side.


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